Player of the Series 3rd Place Interview

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<Player of the Series 3rd Place Interview>

Including his🏆1st place in NLH/PLO Mix Classic (NT$155,800), Taowei Chang got in the money for 5 events during ASPT TAIWAN 2023, which led him to rank in 3rd place in the Player of the Series leaderboard.

・How do you feel about becoming the 3rd place in the Player of the Series of ASPT Taiwan 2023?

Chang: "I feel great! This has ignited my passion for poker tournaments."

・What made you decide to participate in this ASPT series?

"I wanted to be more actively involved in tournaments recently because I had achieved some good results in my first participation in the past WPT."

・How did you feel when you won your first ASPT trophy?

"I feel honored to be able to defeat formidable opponents from various countries and win a title."

・Were you aiming to win the Player of the Series title for this series? If so, at which stage did you start to aim for it?

"I have been playing poker for nearly 14 years, but I have mainly focused on cash games. I am not very familiar with tournaments. In fact, before this competition, I didn't even know what "Player of the Series" title was."

・Interesting. Please tell us about your playing style and your strengths.

"My main games are Omaha and Short Deck, but I lack experience in tournaments. I'm currently in the process of learning and improving my skills in this area."

・Do you have any rivals?

"It's impressive how Jarryd Godena from Australia has such strong skills and experience in Omaha tournaments. And of course, James Chen, a prominent figure in the Taiwanese poker scene, is undoubtedly one of the strongest players to be reckoned with."

・ Please tell us about your interests outside of poker. What do you like to do on your days off?

"Due to my constant poker-playing and traveling in various countries, I enjoy interacting with people from different nations at the poker table to gain knowledge and experience the local cuisine and culture."

・Is there any person or event that had a major influence on your life?

"I am grateful to my family, especially my parents and my wife, for unconditionally supporting my career in poker. In any situation, they stand by me, allowing me to focus entirely on poker without any worries."

・Ok. Let's go back to talking about poker. How was this series? Please tell us about the good aspects of ASPT.

"I believe the staff at ASPT are all very friendly and polite, especially Ken. He warmly welcomes everyone. Also, it's very considerate that the top three players can all receive medals, which gives players a greater sense of participation."

・What do you think about the ASPT tournament structures, which Iori Yogo meticulously deisgned?

"Although I don't have much experience with tournaments, I believe ASPT's prize structure is very fair, allowing more participants to share the deserved prize pool. The only thing ASPT can improve about its tournament schedule is time management for the main event; the Day1C lasted until 2am in the morning, but Day 2 started at 11am the next day. This may be more physically demanding for some players."

・If ASPT comes back to Taiwan in the future, will you participate?

"ASPT is wonderful! If ASPT comes to Taiwan again, I will definitely participate."

・Thank you. What are your expectations for the next ASPT series?

"I hope ASPT can attract players from even more countries. Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to CTP for providing such a comfortable venue and having such professional staff."