Player of the Series RUNNER-UP Interview

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<Player of the Series RUNNER-UP Interview>

Sze Wing Ho won the 2nd place in ASPT TAIWAN 2023 Player of the Series.
Ho's ASPT Taiwan 2023 tournament results:

🥈Main Event
🥈No-Limit Hold'em Classic

・Congratulations! How do you feel about becoming the Runner-Up of ASPT Taiwan 2023 Player of the Series?

"I feel really surprised and thrilled, since this was my first time ever to join a series of poker tournaments."

・Wow. It is surprising that this was your first tournament series experience. What made you decide to participate in this ASPT series?

"I've played some cash game with my friends back in Hong Kong, but I watched so many tournaments live(WSOP,WPT ,EPT) on YouTube and really wanted try playing tournament games. Since I've got some free time and Taiwan was so close to HongKong,I chose to participate in ASPT."

・How did you feel when you:
1, got into the final table?
2, become heads-up?
3, become the RUNNER-UPs in several tournaments?

1. "I was like still don't know what is going on, and felt so nervous because there would be a RFID live-stream.
2. "It was the first time I aimed for the 1st place because it was so close that was beyond a dream and I just needed to win one more player.
3. "Bittersweet? I felt a bit bad for myself because I thought I did not play the best of me. But it was still a great result for me to win the RUNNER-UPS in the main event, especially since this was my first time ever."

・ Please tell us a little bit about your interests outside of poker. What do you like to do on your days off?

"I love singing and playing guitar when I have nothing to do at home. These help me relax myself and feel like escaping from the world.

"I do love music but I wonder how some poker players can listen to songs while they are playing poker, because I can’t listen to anything at all while I am playing poker. Maybe my brain is not good for multi-tasking."

・ Is there any person or event that had a major influence on your life?

"I think this ASPT series was a life changing event for me, because I had never achieved something that I can feel proud of myself through out my whole life and this was my very first spot to help me build up my confidence. Knowing that I may have something better than others makes me feel really good, and it was a brand new experience for me."

・Great. Let's go back to talking about poker. Were you aiming to win the Player of the Series title for this series? If so, at which stage did you start to aim for it?

"I won't say I was aiming to achieve POS title, but I did check the Player of the Series ranking list after I got my first Runner-Up in NLH Classic. I thought it would be so honored if my name could appear on the ranking list."

・How was this series? Please tell us about the good aspects of ASPT.

"Since this was my first time to join a tournament series, I don't know what other poker series are like, but I think ASPT is a series that is beginner-friendly because the blinds go up slowly, we can choose to play more decent hand and choose to play with post-flop.

"And of course all the staff were so friendly, I had a great experience."

・What do you think about the ASPT tournament structures, which Iori Yogo meticulously designed?

"Since the blinds go up slowly, we can have more actions and bluffs when we are deepstacks. This makes the game more exciting.

・Please tell us about your playing style and your strengths.

"To me, tournament game is to balance the risks and the profits to survive till the end, so I will choose not to collide with chip-leaders even if I get a strong hand. I choose to play more post-flop with a player whose chips are shorter than mine.

"I think my strength is that I can be emotionally stable so that I won't let my emotions affect my decisions and I can always try to make the best decisions."

・Great. Do you think you have any rivals?

"Every player I met at the final table was brilliant. I enjoyed playing with all of them. It was a tough table but was fun."

・Were there any impressive situations during the series?

"I eliminated a player right before the final table of NLH Classic by bluff-catching, and I think that is a dream spot for any poker player to eliminate one's rival by making a tough and correct call" :p

・Wonderful! If ASPT comes back to Taiwan in the future, will you participate?

"Absolutely, the event is well organised. There is no reason not to join." :)

・What are your expectations for the next ASPT series?

"I hope that in the next ASPT, all top 3 player in the POS can get the main event ticket!!"

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